Gay Obama Signs Executive Order For Homosexuals

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Monday barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The order did not include new exemptions for religious organizations, a move that was welcomed by gay Continue reading

BRICS Conference Is Against The One World Government

A new monetary organization that aims to be a rival to the World Bank and the IMF was launched today by leaders of the BRICS group at their annual summit. Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, banded Continue reading

Russia Writes off $32 Billion Cuba’s Debt,

MOSCOW—Russia has written off $32 billion of Cuba’s outstanding debt, which represents the main bulk of the funds the Caribbean republic obtained from the Soviet Union decades ago. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the debt write-off Friday, the Kremlin said in a Continue reading

Man Kill’s 6 Ex Family Members Execution-Style

An unhinged former FedEx employee accused of shooting a family of seven in their Houston-area home used his delivery uniform to get into the house in a frantic, deadly search for his estranged wife, police said. Ronald Lee Haskell was Continue reading

Press Secretary Josh Earnest Says Obama Is Transparent

The White House on Sunday stood by President Obama’s position that he continues to be the most transparent president in U.S. history, despite widespread complaints from journalists and other Americans about a lack of information or apparent misinformation. “I have Continue reading

Jesse Jackson Wants $2 Billion For Chicago

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are differing on where the fingers should be pointed when it comes to federal anti-violence help, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore. Jackson and Emanuel agree curbing violence involves not just police, Continue reading

Traitor Bergdahl Smiling With Terrorist In May

The man to the left of Bergdahl is Badar’udin Haqqani, the son of the Haqqani leader, Jalaluddin Haqqani. The Haqqani are aligned with the Taliban and are the people who held Bergdahl for five years. Badar’udin Haqqani was killed in Continue reading

Minuteman Project Going To Border To Fight Illegals

The Minuteman Project — the controversial civilian patrol that came to prominence a decade ago — is riding out of retirement in a bid to help tackle the illegal immigration crisis at the Mexico border. The group, which patrolled parts Continue reading

Should Eric Holder Resign or Be Prosecuted?

When is enough, enough? We say the time is now! The Obama Administration has shown itself to have blatant disregard and disrespect for our system of government as well as for the law of the land, the Constitution. Obama and Continue reading

Eric Holder Hates Whites

Attorney General Holder seems determined to prove his chief critic, J. Christian Adams, right. Adams is the former Justice Department lawyer who told Congress that the Attorney General treated cases of racial bias against white people with “open contempt.” Most Continue reading