ET Williams – The Dr. of Common Sense

The Doctor Of Common Sense Says No To Drugs

The Doctor Of Common Sense Says No To Drugs

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The Doctor Of Common Sense Says No To Drugs

  • James

    Just watched you on FB. Obama is killing all of us, but enjoyed your piece on the Black Community. Amen.

  • LJ Cambria

    ET I’m off FB and miss seeing you there. I’m tweeting links of your stuff now on Twitter! God Bless You my friend.

  • gfemrite

    E.T. can you FB friend me? FB is not letting me ‘request friends’…Thx my friend, Gary Femrite

  • TONY k

    Be a hero and get with common sense. Only if blacks and whites stick together will we get this country back on track. The obama party should not OWN ANYONE. TheyTHINK they own people because of their skin color, because some are young college kids or females or hispanic. Don’t let them be right in thinking you are stupid (uneducated) and can’t see through their lies, stealing, greedy, power hungry policies. And someday we WILL have a black president who is a credit to OUR COUNTRY!!

    • Connie Stilling


    • jesse

      Drinking the tea mixed with STUPID? The only ones dividing the country are the Teabaggers!

  • Bennie Harris

    ET – My wife and I just came across some of your you tube videos! Not only are we Americans – WE ARE BLACK AMERICANS! We are proud of this country! We studied the candidates and had no problem NOT VOTING FOR OBAMA in 2008! We will not be voting for him in this 2012 election either! I’m a VERY PROUD BLACK man we didn’t vote for him in 2008! We saw through the color! We took heat from the liberal blacks and the black community for not voting for him! However we educated ourselves as we do every election and never regretted not voting for Obama! Hopefully a lot of the other blacks will get off the DEMOCRATIC PLANTATION! It’s a shame that so many blacks don’t know the KKK was the STRONG ARM of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and used thee KKK to put fear in the blacks and fail to realize the DEMOCRATIC PARTY voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th ammendment! Well when you don’t know your history – you are doomed to repeat it and remain ignorant! Although we don’t use profanity – you speak the truth and I’m glad you do! Many times I guess it’s the only way to speak to the ignorant (regardless of color and no matter whether black or white) to get them to wake up and come out of their druken stuper!

    • Jesse Ramirez

      That was the Southern Democrats, who when The Civil and Voting Rights Act were passed, started to switch over to the GOPigs! Seems you are the ignorant! As well as this Uncle Tom!

      • Millie

        You’re ignorant. By the way did you come here legally? ie without baracks help

        • jesse

          Hahahaha! You want to see a ignorant person? Just look in the mirror, DUMBASS! I was born here! Got any more IGNORANT comments?

      • Larry Mckay

        Jesse you need to go back and study your history! It was a republican president that freed the slaves. And it was a Democrat governor that stood in front of the doors, trying to stop segregation. It was not until Jimmy Carter ( Democratic) did the south start leaning Republican.

        • jesse

          Hahahahaha! Looks like you need to go back and study your history! Even LBJ said that he lost the South when the Civil and Voting Rights Act passed! And once again it was the Southern(Dixiecrats) Democrats that denied the blacks their rights! And you god, Ronald Reagan, did not support The Civil Rights Movement and was buddies with that EVIL RACIST Jesse Helms!

          • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

            and Ronald Reagan USED to be A dEMOCRAP

          • jesse

            And he died as a GOPig!

      • Larry Mckay

        Yes Jesse you are right it was the democrats that wanted to stop blacks from voting so why then do so many of them vote democrat dont really make alot of SENSE as the dr would sayy to vote for a party that had a history of racism. Bet you dont know how many free black men fought for the confederation during the so called civil war. Also it would have been cheaper for the U.S. to have bought the freedom of all the slaves in the U.S than to have gonee to war it was about money not slavery. Also for your information I support nether the Republican or Democrat they are both full of shit and depend on people like you to keep them in office with your blindness. You are like a sheep led to slaughter . Blind

        • jesse

          Hahahahahahaha! I heard that right-wing BS about not being a Republican or Democrat! Unless you are an Independent voter you are one or the other! Blacks as well as other minorities vote Democrat is because it is not the same party as in the 1800s and early 1900s. It is the GOPigs that is the party of HATE and RACISM! And it was about money and slavery that brought about the CIVIL WAR! And im sure blacks fought on the Confederacy, they were House ****** and now this House ****** is kissing up to white people!

          • Larry Mckay

            LMAO I dont vote both parties are worthless. Also if I really had any say I would legalize all drug’s. The natural process of elimination would take care of the drug problem in about 3 years and the cartels would dry up,as did with the end of prohibition. Yes we still have the mafia but nothing like then

          • jesse

            Hahaha! Dream on! And who would be in charge of the drug business? The US government?

          • Larry Mckay

            You sure use alot of racists terms to be such a tolerant Democrat?

          • Larry Mckay

            Also you had to be a free black man to fight for the confederation. (Well known fact) other wise they would defect and all where volunteers!

      • Larry Mckay

        Again Jesse show your stupidity. The south left the Democratic party because they are not racist. They went Republican to show they are not racist. Republican or Democrat a vote for either is a vote of ignorance

        • jesse

          Hahahahaha! Again you are either rewriting History or you are a DUMBASS! Starting in 1964 the South went over to the GOPigs, It is not a coincidence!

          • Larry Mckay

            Hey Jesse honest question for you. Do you believe humans are smarter than animals? Please answer.

          • jesse

            Duhhhh let me think, yeah humans are smarter!

          • Larry Mckay

            Good answer. The US parks and recreation have signs posted stating please do not feed the animals due to they will become dependent on these hand outs and would lose the ability to take care of themselves. Why then do people never come off welfare if we are smarter than animals. For the same reason as dont feed the animals people become dependent. Yes there are those that truly need it . I operate a very small vending business and three times last month was asked if I wanted to purchase there food stamps cards for less than was on the card. They will do way more for their family’s need with that card than what they were asking for their cards that is abuse of the system and shame full to there families. These same people also have jobs yet never get off the system

          • jesse

            You are lumping people who really need to people that abuse the system! Do you know their life situation? You say you are not a Republican or Democrat yet you act like a GOPig!

          • Larry Mckay

            Ok then Jesse . Baltimore mayor is a black Democrate, the chief of police is a black democrate, and the city counsel is made up of predominantly black democrats why then is there such a need for public assistance? You speak as the Dems are Gods !!!! Every major city that is ran by dems, look at the crime rate or the public assistance programs everyone of them are going broke. Stop drinking the political koolaid they all Republicans or Democrats w as nt to keep the people divided to maintain the power and that of special interests they careless of little people like you and I. Love you bro 🙂

          • jesse

            No Democrats are not Gods, neither are the GOPigs, even though they think they are on God’s side! And as far as blacks being on public assistance, I guess young black ladies cant keep their legs closed! This country is divided, look at the GOPigs, you cant be a moderate in that camp! And the Teabaggers?

  • steffunny walker

    How can i comment to your videos,bc we share damn similar thoughts

  • Johnny Sipple

    Boy you and I are weeding out the garden of stupidity! I had 15 liberals d-friend me, good week!

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    New biggest fan!!! Thank you ET you’re saying what I say
    but they can’t call you racist!!! LOVE YOU keep it up!!!!

  • Eva

    ET I just saw your video about the Zimmerman/Travon case. I don’t understand why so many people skip over the fact that when the dispatcher said we don’t need you to follow him. Zimmerman says OK. Nobody knows from that point what actually happened. Did he continue to follow Travon or was he going back to his truck. He was being a Good Samaritan but doing what he said he would do be a Community Watch. He was watching Travon. Did you see the example of how long 4 minutes were for Travon to have many opportunities to go away. Go back home, Hide somewhere until he could call the cops on his cell. This was not only a black issue that Obama wanted to use to look good with the black community but there is the gun issue. He still wants to take away our guns. Zimmerman was being a Good Samaritan and he didn’t show any signs that he hated or maliciously wanted to kill Travon. Everyone seems to ignore the fact there were many burgluraries happening prior to seeing Travon. Wouldn’t you be suspicious if you saw someone in the area you didn’t recognize. Zimmerman didn’t break any law in following. If Zimmerman wanted to shoot the young man and I say young man instead of child like the media and many people say he was a young man with an anger problem. When they connected however they did Zimmerman knowing he had a gun could of pulled it out right then and there. Travon first stike to the nose where he knocked Zimmerman down he could of run away right then and there. Since you are the Common Sense man. When you don’t have an option and your nose is busted and someone is sitting on you and then grabs your head and hits it continuously on the cement, wouldn’t you say your in danger of possibily losing your life. Especially when Zimmerman didn’t have an option to get away. He said Travon was reaching for his gun, what do you think your first reaction would be. If he gets my gun he will kill me with it. Your self protection emotion would kick in and that’s when your will defend yourself. You seem like the type of person that would react that way. We still are FREE citizens who have the right to bear arms. There was nothing illegal that Zimmerman did. But a young man for what ever reason made a poor choice which caused his life. I believe it is from all the hatred and politics that has stirred everything up again. It is a very sad day all around. We should weep for both families. When we started kicking God out of everything, life as we knew it has never been the same. The book of Romans explains it all why we are the society we are today. Have a blessed day!

    • Connie Stilling


  • Truth seeker

    I am tired of trying to bring common sense to the “OBAMA ZOMBIES”(black folk blinded by Obama’s blackness) No matter what Obama does they agree with him. If he were to propose bringing back slavery, they would find a reason to agree. The last straw for me was a guy trying to say that the reason the Obamacare website was jacked up was that the Tea Party “Hacked” the site. I am so done.

  • elaine

    So glad I found your page. Although humerous, you hit on the topics so many of us would love to shout from the rooftops! You rock, Dr. Williams. You a have a new fan and a new subscriber. Keep up the awesome work …. I’m certain you take a lot of heat for your views, but its obvious you’re a fighter. I’m in your corner!

  • 1bimbo

    don’t let obama people find you. day gonna shut you down, dr!

  • Kimberly

    Thank you for all of your thoughts. So far, everything that I have heard from you has been right on! You talk of common sense and you obviously have it.

  • Ed Mulhall

    Et. I like many others have watched and enjoyed your videos. You hit the nail right on the head. The problem in America is not strictly racism, it is that accusations of racism are constantly applied every time someone speaks out against the Obama regime.
    We all know that racial issues have been problematic in our country, and I believe that most Americans in our current day, strive to diminish it’s ugliness when it occurs. As you have said, there will always be those who resort to the negative with their racists views.
    Your apparent knowledge and concern for our country is sincere, and your sense of humor really sends it all home. Keep up the good work, and thanks for voicing an opinion and the power of truth in such an effective format.

  • Columbine family

    The Gay agenda has had the Columbine victim’s families under attack ever since we learned that the shooters had been raped during an arrest. We have learned a great deal about the corruption in government since trying to bring this information mainstream. google Columbine family request.
    We are particularly concerned about Columbine victim Mark Taylor who was illegally abducted and drugged while reporting this information. Please go to his facebook page Release Mark Taylor. Contact us for information that will take them down. We have the goods on many politicians who have failed in their responsibility to protect children. Instead, they protect pedophile rapists.

  • FMH

    Just came across your videos and you spilled some truth! We are Hispanic and so tired of the victim role playing by ALL (even some family). Obama is poison to our country and leading so many blind to slaughter.

  • Ed Mulhall

    ET. Thanks for all you do,and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Believe me, you are appreciated by many of us in so many ways..

  • Hunter

    ET – Don’t blow a gasket! We need you healthy for the coming year of Dr. of Common Sense TV!
    God Bless you and yours, and Merry Christmas

  • Phil McMorrow

    ET – Love you, my friend.

  • Shoebooty

    God bless ET!

  • Bob LaNinfa

    ET Williama, I’m an American Italian, andI love your Videos. I wish I could reach out and and give you an Italian hug for telling it the way iit the way it is. When will those Liberal democrats realize what Obama, and his Administration is doing to this country? Some of the things you say bring tears to my eyes.
    Thank you Bob LaNinfa

  • c.fster.nana

    So happy to find your site. Very tired of hearing the word “Racist” used against everything or everyone that doesn’t agree with the Dem wits and leftist. I don’t think they know what that word even means. (Y)

  • DWinch

    Mr. E.T.Williams, I came across you on YouTube and I must say, You ARE the Doctor of Common sense.
    It sickens me what obama has done to this nation and especially to the black community. I’m an old white guy and I can relate to the black community more than O’Bummer. He’s not black, he’s a gay, commie, muslim and it’s a shame he was passed off as America’s first black president. SICK!
    Keep up the good fight Mr. Williams, you have a new fan and I will send you a donation as soon as I get my knee fixed. God Bless!

  • Jesse Ramirez

    Hey Uncle Tom, how much money are you making being the House Black?

  • Teddy

    E T, ISIS backwards is “SISI”. We shouldn’t spend so much energy trying to defeat these SISI’s, just lead by example, I would call this Operation “Stone the Terrorist Bastards” by spiking thier tea w/ our pharmaceutical drugs, drop provisions of our fake fast foods and hover drones playing Hillary’s infamous Selma Alabama speech-if these tactics work as well as here in the US, the SISI’s will either become to obese and sick to move from thier caves, commit suicide or just shoot each other….let’s just lead by example…Damnit!!!

    • Teddy

      ….correction….Heffer-Hillary….the ugliest last-lady who gives justice for the Burka…. Damnit! After Monica went down on Bill, bet she screamed : “what difference does it now make”, then Bill replied:…shut the hell up heffer, or I won’t get you a job by that other big-mouth who likes to give lip-service…Barock…

  • Theresa

    Dear Dr. of Common Sense,
    Thank You for saying what we feel and know to be true. We just do not know any more who to talk to about how we the People, want Obama out of Office. No one wants to get involved in the “over through” of America. We need a sign or group or strong AMERICAN we could KNOW is for our country and FREEDOM. To come together and in-mass to show our discontent. In peace and determination to show we the American people want this UNLAWFUL GOVERNMENT STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.
    Thank YOU,
    T. M.E. Cebollero

  • Justen Jones

    hello, my name is Justen jones I’ve been trying to contact you but its not easy. is how you can contact me. I would really like your opinion on something I have been working on the past few years. if what I have created works I believe it can unify this country and put us all in better frame of mind. So I urge you to contact me and if anyone reads this and knows Dr common sense tell him I’m trying to get ahold of him. thankyou

  • Martha Slade


  • Beverly Beaty Williams

    Love ya, ET, you are so real! Don’t mince words, tell like it is!!!

  • Ed Shaw

    He has two names. What does that mean? Is there a normal, fun loving rich kid on one sphere, and a traumatized, groomed, personality that has been created by masters of mind control on the other hemisphere?
    Makes you think.

  • Kim

    Something took me off ET’S notifications on YouTube. Not cool. Thought he was thrown off.

  • Gary G

    I just came across your videos!!! You rock brother! I am white( not that it matters), but you are the black version of me. As long as we have brothers like you in America we can be great again.

  • sgstandard

    Dear E.T – I am a USMC Vietnam veteran, and I can’t tell you how much I love your videos. They’re not only truthful, but funny as hell !! I especially loved the video of Barack, exercising like a damn sissy!!
    Barack is full of crap…blacks and whites don’t hate each other, and to prove that, I’m officially making you an honorary white guy to show solidarity! Only white people could never be as damn funny and cool as you! Keep the videos coming – we love you, E.T.!!

  • Calvin Edson

    Hello E.T. thank you fir what you do . Resently Huffington Post wrote a article about how fast it took them to purches a AR15 . They claim it took them 38 minutes to make that purches ,then went on to lecture that 38 minutes is to easy to be able to purches that kind of fire arm . Im just wondering what you would have to say to Huffington post . Because my common sense tells me that those 38 minutes still will not provent a evil person from shooting people . So the time is irrelevent . Thanks again for what you do . Keep it up .

  • charlie delon

    Hi Dr,ive just seen video of how bad these racist blm who say they can’t be racist because there black, my god Dr what has Obama done to America I don’t get shocked much but this is like rise of Nazism just a different culture?

  • charlie delon

    We’ve had brexit, in UK and was all told were racist because, we want government to know whos entering country, so we have these crazy sjw here but how sad and ignorant these people are they are calling for all white people killed kill white babies on the streets and things are clapping , my god Dr I just wish there were 50.000 more et Williams, this ain’t gonna end well for anyone, I hope will smith and celeb that endorse blm are proud, because what with radical Islam, wanting infidels gone now a portion of the black community want white babies dead, there’s a clip with Morgan freeman asked how to stop racism, answer stop talking about it ‘common sense, like you say personal responsibility has alot to do with this . But their just seems to be drummer and dummer generations, any way had my rant loving your work, owning who and what you say and do regards Charlie London, Ps brightbart Hastings murdered, Obama gay Marxist, and saudi plant, I hope its not true but it makes sense, oh and Muslim?

  • Truth seeker

    I just watched “Black History Racist Democrats Refuse to Teach Today parts 1 and 2. No wonder this history is deliberately concealed by the Democratic party. I also wonder why Republicans don’t seek every opportunity to make clear that the Republican party has stead fastly promoted equal rights and protection for all under their banner. Any who don’t believe this can go to Congressional documents for themselves and see how many brave black men have played a part in freedom from the 1700’s onward! I am a white woman who has always sought to know truth wherever it may be.

  • james

    I discovered you a few years ago . I love you stuff. I recently shared your video about the killary support who lit himself on fire. Crazy shit. But also funny. Thank you.