E.T. Williams

The Doctor of Common Sense (Get The Book)

The Doctor of Common Sense (Get The Book)

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The Doctor of Common Sense (Get The Book)

  • http://none Dave Stevens

    Dear Mr. Williams,
    I wanted to take the time to write you and say aloud, “Thank you,” so many times that I’m out of breath. After a friend of mine forwarded me your video,, (and he’s Hispanic), I just ordered your book on Amazon to support you.

    I am a 53 year old Caucasion male who was brought up in a very racist Italian home where the terms/labels, “Nigger & Spic,” was thrown around since I can remember. I never bought into that shit, (and I know it’s ignorant to say), but most of my best friends are Black or Hispanic.

    Again, I just ordered your book and haven’t read it yet… But I hope you brought up the OJ Simpson trial as an example of how one race pits itself against another over skin color that forgets and neglects all common sense towards reality and the truth.

    Good for you & thanks again!!!

  • Dee

    Mr. Williams, I hope you make millions of dollars on your book. You exemplify capitalism at its finest–hard work and common sense will bring success to any American if capitalism is preserved (and if BHO is defeated in November!). Thank you for speaking out. I’m sure you’ve received much hate mail, but I truly appreciate your efforts to wake up both white and black America. You have restored my faith in the American concept that we should vote on a candidate’s values, experience, and what he/she stands for, not for skin color, education, or religion. My husband and I are not formally educated (no college degrees) but we worked hard and saved and struggled by living within our means. My husband has his GED and served his country for 20 years in the military. I have my high school diploma and have had to prove my abilities tenfold to compete with those who have the college degrees. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in our lives. I am proud to be able to afford to buy your book! God bless you.
    I have one modest request for your consideration: please try not to swear and call people names, although I realize how difficult it is, especially when it appears that that’s the only language some people understand. Stupidity is a CHOICE to refuse to comprehend and learn. Ignorance is innnocently NOT knowing. Stupid people choose to remain in the ignorant state of mind. Smart people may be ignorant, but not for long. They will pursue knowledge and wisdom. I hope all the ignorant people out there make the effort to eliminate the ignorance and gain the knowledge. You don’t need college to do that. You need the will and the COMMON SENSE!!!! Thank you over and over again, Mr. Williams!

    • Whateverhappentocommonsense

      Thank you Dee for your kind words. If we stay focus we can get back on the right track to common sense thinking. We need more truth lovers like you out there. Keep on loving the truth.

      ET Williams

      • Abdullah elmadari


    • Christopher Boone

      Mr. Williams, thank you for your stand. Just last week I found your messages on YouTube . Now, I pray for you every day. Keep you the good work. Your brother in Christ, C. Alan Boone. John, 3:16. And God bless you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZQ5FUWCRSSVEAW3R4AUEKSMSJQ Ken Locke

    Mr. Williams, Thank you for being who you are! 🙂
    We are at the crossroads, and where this country / world goes is in our hands.
    In order for us to save our way of life(Constitution,Freedom,Liberty), we of all colors need to come together…
    We The People
    Hope to meet and work with you
    God Bless

  • Sandy

    My hat is off to you, Mr. Williams.

  • Kathy Malaspina

    I am HOOKED on listening to you. FINALLY a person with true COMMON SENSE. You are my NEW Hero. I KNOW you must get tons of attacks from the idiots that just do not want to FACE THE TRUTH. I admire you. Keep those videos coming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Mattei/100003196052413 Michael Mattei

    Right the eff on dude.

  • Hank

    My man…I appreciate you taking the time to educate the people. I am a Mid 20’s male who has a true social media skill. As I grew older and more wise, this cliche Spider Man quote has been instilled in me, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Now that I have a large audience…(and I don’t even have to show my face), I am taking a stand on this election for the good of the American people. I am tired of the media propaganda and conspiracy theories. I am breaking down our generation and leading them to get informed from guys like you. The reason I was able to attract a large audience in the first place was due to the lack of common freaking sense. If you continue to stand up for what YOU TRULY DO BELIEVE is “Right” and “Good” …the sky is the limit. Best of luck to you in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhondarice04 Rhonda Lindsey Rice

    Mr Williams I just happened to find you on facebook. I want to tell you I have been feeling exactly what you are saying. I am proud to see a black man that is not afraid to call out christians!! The exact things you say, abortion, same sex marriage, taking God from the platform, how, oh how could anyone calling themselves followers of Jesus Christ vote for someone for all of those things? I am going to buy your book, I am going to pray for you, and your message that the Lord Jesus will use you! You are very fiery in your beliefs, and so am I! I am over all this political correctness!! May God lead you, use you, and be with you!! Whatever happened to common sense?? Amen!!! Psalm 31:1 In thee O Lord do I put my trust; let me NEVER be ashamed, deliver me in thy righteousness, they may not like your delivery, but how can they argue with biblical truth? Tell it like it is!! You are a soldier for Christ!!

  • cathy fitzgerald

    buying this weekend, can’t wait to read. Thank you for your honesty and care for the community

  • cathy fitzgerald

    do you have a fb page?

  • http://www.facebook.com/janice.woodjordan Janice Wood Jordan

    Thank you Mr. Williams for your commentaries on youtube. I heard my first today and was so floored that someone in your race was making these statements publicly. I have friends that are black that would never vote for Obama and share your views also (btw I’m kind of lily white, just so you know). I’ve shared your videos on my Facebook with pride as my views also, and they would be the same if Obama was white (oh, yeah, he’s half white but know every seems to think that matters). LOL Anyway, I also enjoyed your views of Sheila Jackson Lee, whom I’m had the displeasure to work with when it was just Sheila Jackson. OMG, the rudest female attorney you would ever want to know at United Energy Resources!!! Very judgmental against this very, very young secretary (me) at the time. Anyway, I just wanted to mainly say thank you.

  • Karl

    I have been watching your videos and I want to thank you. I have been sitting here going through treatments for cancer and watching all the disheartening information so far to the left.Watching those coming out of the woodwork looking for free money. I haven’t ask for any government assistance while I am out of work and paying 3 1/2 times the amount for insurance while I am off.I just want to be able to get back to work so I can take care of myself. Why are people so afraid to talk about this president. I believe if they say something bad if they aren’t black they are a racist. I am a white man who never wants to be construed as a racist because I love all people regardless of the color or creed but there is a difference between right and wrong. You have stuck your neck out among the black community to be called Uncle Tom or whatever bad things they can say about you because you stand up for your rights and what is right or wrong. I commend you and your work. I am glad I have stumbled upon your work and I have posted you and your website to watch and support you in your endeavors.
    As soon as I can I will be purchasing your book God Bless you and be strong. Sincerely,
    Karl Lahmeyer

    • Whateverhappentocommonsense

      Thank you Janice for your kind words. Yes you are correct about Obama he is fraud and Shelia “Must I Die Jackson” is rude and dishonest. I hope that more blacks and whites will not vote for Obama this time around. The media acts as if conservatives black don’t exist.

      Keep loving truth.

    • Merman Melman

      Mr. Williams … please continue with your message, you are on the right path in trying to help this country. God Bless you !!

  • Simon

    Mr. E. T.

    Thank you for confirming the fact that we need an intelligent leader in the White house. You unintentionally accomplish this in your incoherent clips online. I regrettably stumbled on one of your, “whatever happened to common sense”, babbles. I listened for a short period and easliy realized the reason why you don’t know what happen to common sense. My friend, you don’t know what it is and you are either unwilling or incapable of recognizing it. As for you having it ?…. Well, lets keep the conversation friendly. I thank God that majority of America is better informed and more intuitive. Hence, our President was re-elected for a second term. Now that is common sense.

    Yep, four more years. I know for the simple minded it sounds painful. However if you zip it every once in a while and actually listen to your President, you will soon come to realize that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. And who knows you might even get slightly educated.

    In the meantime, I know the economy is tough and you gat’s to do what you gat’s to do, but a little fashion tip for you: loose the 24hr marathon SUNGLASSES, makes you look more ignorant than the people you are accusing of the same offense. First impression my friend, first impression !

    • Libsarebd

      Go troll somewhere else loser.

  • dlpannebakker

    You are the best thing since sliced bread.
    Keep up the great work. People need to hear it that Obama & his administration is no good & are evil.

  • Michelle

    You are a very smart man. Me and my husband watch all your videos. I can’t believe they banned you well one of your channels from YouTube.Facebook said to me that I ccouldn’t send any more friend request if I do they might ban me for life from Facebook! Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH? ! It must have been because I shared your page! Lol.. Do you have a facebook account? I want to get your word out and all of us who believes just like you, like me and my husband. I wish you the best and would like to talk to you to discuss all these things. You may email me @ bonnermichlle@gmail.com. I would like to hear from you my friend. Well take care of yourself and be careful. Hope to hear back from you Mr. Williams. God bless.

  • Michelle

    Hey Mr. Williams, me and my husband like to watch all your YouTube videos. I can’t believe that they banned you from one of your channels. Facebook told me if I send another friend request that they might ban me for life from Facebook! What the hell?! I guess it is because I posted or shared your page. Oh well…I am going to stand up for what I believe. . Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?
    WELL you keep making your videos. I would like to be able to talk to you. I will send you my email address it is bonnermichlle@gmail.com
    You just take care of yourself and be careful. I hope to hear from you soon. God bless and have a wonderful day. Please write back. Thank you for your time.


  • Michelle

    Hello again Mr. Williams I just love it when you call Obama a fraud like he is. He really wants to destroy America! I love watching your show because you do tell the truth! I am a white female, but you tell I lijlike it is and I love it. We need to spread your word out!!!! Do you have a Facebook? Well, we need mo re people like you. I call it like it is myself. I don’t look at people by the color of their skin, I treat them like humans because that’s what we are!
    Please E.T. respond back. Thank you for your busy time.

  • Michelle

    Mr. Williams, me and me my husband love watching your YouTube videos. You make a lot of sense. We agree with everything you talk about. You are so right Obama is doing nothing for our country but bringing it down. I like the way you tell it like it is . Just keep up the good work and keep the YouTube video coming. You are a very smart man. Someone that me and my husband would love to have on our side. We all need to stand together when it comes to Obama.
    Well thank you for your time and God bless. I hope to hear back from you soon.

  • Michelle

    Obama is a fraud! Please come back and respond back to us Mr. E T. Williams. Please.

  • Carole

    You are the man! I respect you for telling it as it is. Now I ask you to tell Americans about the 35 Muslims for American jihdist training camps on our soil (Hannity News) that the police say they can do nothing about. I smell the passive policy and love for Muslims of Obama. Please tell America.

  • Alvin

    the “Doctor”, I tune into your show from here in Indonesia. Great stuff, any time you are in S.E. Asia, let us know. We will be happy to host you here.

  • Nick

    I heard your interview today on Alex Jones, and I have to agree with you on many of your points.
    I would like to point out that the patriot community is viewing the fight through rose colored glasses. Perhaps its just hope because there is such a fear that this whole thing is going to wind up in the streets.
    I would also like to clarify that the NWO crowd is not scared, nor are they behind schedule. That’s pure propaganda!!!!
    Back in the 80’s we were discussing at what point we would collapse culminating in a civil war. The schedule then put the explosion between 2030 to 2040. This is only 2013.

  • Richard Texad

    You are a breath of fresh air. True common sense at it best.

  • John

    I have been watching and listening to you on youtube via facebook for over a year now and I really enjoy it and you make so much common sense..between you and Dr. Carson col.West..you could bring this country back from the brink..

  • Virginia Qureshi

    Amen!!! to the comment below, keep up the good work that you are doing, but not to many people would take this type of abuse, but we can no longer stay anf fight in the shadows, we need to be heard load and clear, but if you want to know how killed JFK the MLK, Aberaham Lincoln, the Jesuits Booth that Assossinated Lincoin was a Jesuit!!God Blessed you and just remember God has your back !!

  • Rorie S

    Dear E T , I saw your video on YouTube this morning entitled “I need 10000 men and 10000 women to change America”. I was very impressed, as I am with many of your videos. I actually took notes as you went through your 7 principals. I decided I would print up a summary of you great wisdom and email it to my friends. About 5 minutes later I decided to email it to myself from the You Tube video, so that I could forward it to all on my email list. When I searched for it, I could not find it. I tried over and over to locate it. I have you as a subscription on my You Tube account, but could not find it there either. I believe it was highly significant and I am greatly disturbed that I could not locate it in my numerous searches. What do you think happened. Is it possible that the government censored it??? Can you repost it again??? Thank you for all your effort to restore common sense to America. Personally, I am grateful to hear other people reflecting my own opinions. Your committed listener

  • Mike Angelo

    Mr. E.T. Williams, as a Retired United States Marine I must tell you that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you, I have listened to just about all of your videos on ‘youtube’ and admire your courage to not only speak your mind as well as speak what’s in your heart! I am with you, and I am with you until death!
    I would have been honored to have shared a foxhole with you anytime, anywhere, rest assured this Marine has your back, and will fight along side of you against the idiots, degenerates, misfits and morons who voted for this piece of crap who pretends to hold the title of Commander in Chief! I would hope that one day I will have the honor of shaking your hand sir! Keep up the good fight; and Semper fi to you sir, (Always faithful!)

  • John Farnan

    Mr. E.T. – a modern day Paul Revere telling us all to pay attention and stick together for America before it’s overrun by even more bloodsuckers and others intent on destroying all that we’ve all worked so hard to create – a only place in the universe where anyone can succeed with hard work and persistence. Mr E.T. is my brother from a nother mother. I’m white but, hey, no white privilege here – born and raised in the bowels/pits but dug my way out how? Through hard work and persistence. I’ve payed my dues and me and Mr. E.T. are damned tired of supporting others, especially illegal aliens, who have absolutely no invested interest in America and, who can work but would rather choose a lifestyle to suck taxpayers dry. Another Obama ploy to prop up the Deamocrat Party and create yet another tier of welfare vampires.
    I for one welcome the opportunity to hit the road with you Mr. E.T. to enlighten America about the impending collapse of our Republic and resist any call for it’s demise.

    • http://Ancestry.com/ Trick Daddy Flash

      Ditto from a Retired Sheriff’s Deputy/Detective I too appreciate you as a “New 21st century Everyman” calling out the liars, thieves and commenting on the planned deterioration of our society. Carry on the good work. Maybe more will wake up. If not we are done.

  • Rita Williams-Yohn

    I would like to hear you talk about Obama establishing immigration offices through out South America. I look forward to it.

  • Ted Ribbons

    Hey E.T.- are you continuing making your hilarious videos? I have not seen any new ones lately. The damned heffers keep being in the news, so let’s see you on you-tube sharing your views….Damn-It! Really, common-sense is what we need, otherwise the SISI’s, ISIS backwards, have won. Don’t let Michael & Barock off the hook, as we still need heros to foil those crooks. All the best! Teddy Ribbons.

  • RLTW

    E.T., I agree fully that Muslims should not be in this country. They should at least not be afforded the rights of a religious organization. They are a 7th century cult. I even addressed the issue to my congressman, but like most gutless politicians, he skirted the issue and came back with how hard he fights for his constituents. I am fortunate that where I live we don’t have any of these freaks here. I and many others here would not make them feel welcome.

  • Anne Marie

    Dear ET, At last something to help you hold your head up in this terrible time American brought upon themselves. You are gifted. I just bought the book. I forward your YTs to everyone who will appreciate you. Thanks so much. Anne Marie and Ruben

  • Mac McIntosh

    Mr. Williams you are a inspiration. we need more Americans like you. Thank you for speaking the truth. I love the way you break it down for blacks and whites alike. I cant think of one person in the last ten years that tells the truth like you. I bet you catch hell from both sides. if you ever find your self in Bedford Indiana look me up. I would be honored to crack a beer and cook you a fine ass steak. Keep telling the truth brother. Thank you Mac

  • USAForever48

    Mr. Williams – Thank you for your common sense videos! Every single one of your videos makes perfect sense to me. You do a terrific job of removing all the nonsense and getting down to brass tacks, telling it like it is – without any spin. Keep on doing what you do. This old woman is very proud of you!!! My very best wishes to you and yours from Nebraska!!!!

  • suesunswim


  • Arlen Bauer

    ET ; I have something for you to ponder about the perverts in the ladies restrooms. They are called restrooms but we all know hardly any one goes in these rooms to rest. So why not change the names to chromosome rooms. The people with all X chromosomes can go into one and the people with Y chromosomes can use the other. The government can mark this on their drivers license .

  • Margaret Joy Colclough

    Love your gospel videos..subscribe to all your youtube channels…you are a blessing my friend!

  • elizabethlandis

    Bravo!! Just heard of you a few minutes ago. Can’t believe how right you are. I’m going to follow you & add you to those people who are important and have something important to contribute to our country. Thank you.