Man With Gun Tattoo Gets The Police Called Out.

NORRIDGEWOCK — Michael Smith went outside shirtless after being awakened Tuesday morning, yelling at a tree removal company to get off his property. click image to enlarge Staff photo by David LeamingCLOSE CALL: Norridgewock resident Michael Smith stands beside a Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Spending $18 Million On Democrat Election

The political arm of Planned Parenthood is preparing to launch its largest campaign offensive ever, targeting more than a dozen states and some of the cycle’s top Senate and gubernatorial races to raise the alarm about the stakes of the Continue reading

Democrat Says We Need Illegal Immigrants To Do Our Lawns and Be Maids

Florida Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink said immigration reform was important at a Tuesday debate because, without it, it would be difficult for employers to find people to clean hotel rooms and do landscaping. “Immigration reform is important in our country,” she Continue reading

Iranian Naval Commander Threatened to destroy U.S. Warships

A top Iranian naval commander threatened to destroy U.S. warships and kill American soldiers just a day after Iranian vessels approached U.S. waters for the first time in history. “The Americans can sense by all means how their warships will Continue reading

Wendy Davis Says A Lie Is Not A Lie

Wendy Davis is taking her campaign insisting her life story is true to Spanish-language media. Davis appeared on Univisión’s Sunday morning news show Al Punto to discredit the reports claiming she lied about her life story, calling them “really absurd” and saying Continue reading

American Taxpayers Spend $52K To Study of 16 Schizophrenic Gay Canadians

American taxpayers are paying over $52,000 to study 16 LGBT individuals who have schizophrenia in Toronto, Canada. The research project, “Defining Community for LGBT People with Schizophrenia,” will follow the lives of a handful of lesbian, gay, and transgender individuals Continue reading

Canada Tells Obama Take A Crap On Keystone XL or Get Off The Pot

Canada bluntly told the United States on Thursday to settle the fate of TransCanada Corp’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline, saying the drawn-out process on whether to approve the northern leg of the project was taking too long. The hard-line comments by Foreign Continue reading

Global Warming Idiots Say Freezing Proves Global Warming

                THESE IDIOTS REALLY BELIEVE THIS! The cold air pushing toward America’s heartland is of a duration and magnitude rarely seen since record-keeping began in the 1870s. In Minneapolis, forecasters warned that all-time wind chill records could Continue reading

Matthews and Sharpton Compare Mandela and Obama

Matthews, citing Sharpton approvingly, said that former President F. W. de Klerk had been more constructive than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and that while the Republicans “were willing to destroy the country in order to destroy Obama,” de Klerk Continue reading

White House Offers Bribes To Insurance Companies Because Of Obamacare

The White House is offering more money to insurance companies as an incentive for them to let people keep insurance policies that were to have been canceled next year. The administration floated several proposals on Monday to “help offset the Continue reading