Mexican President Love’s Obama’s Executive Amnesty

  I CALL BULLSHIT: HELP YOUR OWN DAMN CITIZENS YOU POS!   Mexican president Peña Nieto called President Obama’s executive amnesty “very intelligent” and “an act of justice” in comments today in the Oval Office. He made the comments in Continue reading

Obama Thinks Iran Just Wants Nuclear Power For Energy

President Obama’s remarks on Iran in an interview with NPR are being labeled “one of the most conciliatory” ever on the Islamic republic by a modern U.S. president, and excoriated as “naive.” Here is some of what Obama told Steve Continue reading

Obama Wants $263M Aid For Ferguson

Obama Wants $263 Million For Ferguson! How About You Raise Your Damn Kids? Spurred by the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting, President Barack Obama is calling for $75 million in federal spending to get 50,000 more police to wear body cameras that Continue reading

Ebola Czar and Overpopulation

By: ET Williams aka The Dr. of Common Sense WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Ebola Czar Says Too Many People And Some Of You Need To Die Damit Ronald Klain the new Ebola Czar thinks it is our F-ing job the Continue reading

More ISIS Terrorists Arrested Crossing The Texas Border

Islamic terrorists have entered the United States through the Mexican border and Homeland Security sources tell Judicial Watch that four have been apprehended in the last 36 hours by federal authorities and the Texas Department of Public Safety in McAllen Continue reading

Theresa May Says ISIS Is Not Islamic and Cops Are All Racist

These Stupid Liberals Are Going To Get Us All Killed! It’s difficult for most of us here in this hall to really appreciate the effects of stop and search. You see, most of us are white. Most of us are Continue reading

Obama Lies About The New ISIS Strategy

The full transcript of Obama’s speech is as follows: As Prepared for Delivery My fellow Americans – tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately Continue reading

UK Warns Of Jihadists Homegrown Terrorists. 1-800-call a bitch!

AT LEAST 250 home-grown jihadists could be ready to wage holy war on the streets of Britain, security experts feared last night. Hardened by the brutal conflicts in Syria and Iraq, bands of extremists have returned in recent months and Continue reading

DHS Releases 169 Illegals Convicted of Murder

The Obama administration says it had no choice but to release almost all of the 169 immigrants with homicide convictions that were let back onto the streets last year, claiming court decisions gave officials no choice in the matter — but it’s Continue reading


During a town hall meeting at a summit with the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, President Obama explained to a young African student that to succeed, a burgeoning country required a system of laws. He explained: Regardless of the Continue reading